So, after my disastrous book release of A War Amongst The Stars, I plan to eventually have a B&N release but make it bigger and better than my Amazon release. With that, I’m going to need some help hyping it up. I’d love to choose those who have already read and loved the book. Those who have already hyped it up is also a plus. Haven’t decided how many I’ll give out but I’m thinking maybe 10-25. I’ll also be opening back up my Street Team. Street Team won’t get the PR Box but they will get something special. Basically, if you’re already a fan of the book, I’d love to have you. Over the next month or so, I’ll be going through my tagged posts on IG and Booktok to find and ask if you’d be interested in being one of my book PR influencers. For my Street Team, once all PR spots are filled, I will have a sign up form for everyone else interested in helping me re-hype up awats.

Gotta have read the book prior though. I’d hate for you to hype a book before reading it only to find out you hate hot aliens 👽 and tentacle play 🐙

Stay tuned! More info to come!

If you’re interested though, let me know!