Tristin Clark

Author Biography

Tristin Clark is an American Dark Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Contemporary Romance Author, who writes steamy stories of soulmates and the beautifully broken and tragic tales of their lives. Tristin was born March 9th, 1991 in Corpus Christi. She grew up in Rockport, Texas, with her two sisters and mother, until she graduated high school and moved to Montgomery, Texas with her father.

Tristin began writing at a young age. She enjoyed creating imaginative stories and acting them out with her siblings and friends as a child. Her mind was always, far off, in the world that she created. “Reality is boring,” she would say. She found solace in inventing her own reality. She eventually turned her creative ideas into short stories, until her senior year in high school, where she began turning those creations, into novels, thus sparking the series, The Immortal Chronicles.

Tristin studied at Lone Star College, with an interest in psychology. She later transferred to Texas State University to pursue her studies in Social Work. Tristin left school, to take time off to travel. She abandoned her life in Texas, and moved to Healy, Alaska to work for an outdoor adventure company, where she claims “Alaska changed her life forever.”

Writing grew to be Tristin’s go to form of therapy. She felt misunderstood, and at times, all alone. She turned to creating these alternate worlds, full of adventure, heroism, and love. She engulfed herself in the life of her novels as a form of escape from her own reality. Her characters became all she had, all she knew. Tristin’s life, is her novels. They are her world, her reality, and her universe.


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