**THE MONSTER INSIDE ME (the original version) has been banned from Amazon. The re-written version now called, THE MONSTER INSIDE OF ME, will be re-published in 2023.**

**As of 2022, OUR COMPANY was pulled from Amazon to undergo a re-write and editing. The revised edition will be re-published later.**

**A WAR AMONGST THE STARS was set to be released Sept. 28th, 2023 but was cancelled two days before. Over 1,000 pre-orders were lost. Since then, I have decided to re-do the release and make it bigger and better.**

Here are some FAQ’s:

  • AWATS ebook is now available on Amazon, B&N, Google Play, Apple Books, and Kobo. (More to come.)
  • AWATS ebook has not been updated with the re-vamped version but will before the print versions are published.
  • AWATS is now in Ingramspark so it will be open to all stores.
  • The paper back and hardcover version of AWAT’S will be published to both Amazon and B&N. Both publishing dates will coincide. That’s if Amazon plays nice this time. The goal is to make the B&N release the main event so to help with that, I have decided to give the B&N edition a special bonus chapter and book two title reveal that the Amazon edition will not have.
  • The new publishing date is TBD.
  • The B&N editions will be open to pre-ordering
  • The B&N editions will come with a pre-order incentive which will be announced later.
  • The book has gone through a very strong edit. Nothing pivotal was changed but the revised version does contain added dialogue, more description, changes to sentence structure and just an overall deep sweep of grammatical issues. It’s the re-vamped version and damn is it even better and more magical.


As a STEAMY, DARK, ADULT, SCI-FI, FANTASY, PARANORMAL, and CONTEMPORARY Romance Author, I write about the tragic lives of soulmates, how they overcome their trauma, of their fight to be together, and claim their happily ever after through a world which wishes to see them apart. Reader beware: My dark stories are not for the faint of heart, nor are they for those who feel uncomfortable with descriptive and taboo sex scenes, vulgar language, blood and gore, murder, sexual assault and suicide ideation.

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