I do not even no where to begin…

The worst has happened y’all.

After making some changes to my manuscript and re-uploading it on Sunday night, I woke up Monday morning to find out that Amazon had cancelled my book and all my pre-orders.

My book is blocked and they will not budge nor re-instate it or my pre-orders.

It took me a year to gather just over 1,000 pre-orders. 1,005 last time I checked and now they are just gone. I’ll never see them again.

I have been in literal tears, barely eating nor sleeping, trying everything in my power to get them to help me re-instate it all but they just won’t.

Instead, I’m just supposed to take the loss and re-do the entire setup and start from scratch.

Before, I had the ebook enrolled exclusively in Kindle Unlimited but after being forced to re-submit my book as a new ebook, I have decided to not select that option. By not selecting to enroll in KU, I will not be bound to Amazon for 90 days and instead will be allowed to publish the ebook wide to Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo (but those will come later.)

As for the paper and hardback, I am still working on getting those re-uploaded to Amazon under a “new book,” but they’re processing time takes up to 72 hours and I just submitted it last night. So, they may arrive a day or so after the 28th, that is IF they are even approved. FML.

It’s a mess right now and I know all this must be very frustrating but I can only do so much in a matter of a couple days. I ask of you all to please be patient with me while I figure this all out as everything has changed and I’m just trying to adjust as quickly as I can.

Right now, Amazon has approved and published the ebook as a “new book,” so it is now available to purchase. To make it fair, I kept the pre-order price of $4.99 and it will stay that price for two weeks ending on 10/13 where it will return to the normal sale price of $9.99.

I beg of you all, please order the ebook right away! Like right now. Please do not wait to order the ebook. With how many pre-orders I had before, I would have instantly became an Amazon Best Seller on release day.

I know I will not reach 1,005 orders in one day and maybe not even in one week, but with your help by spreading the word to all your friends, family, co-workers, and across social media, I might get close.

Please! If you are in any Facebook reader groups, Discord groups, Reddit, Tumblr, or on Twitter, Instagram, especially Booktok, please, please, please share the word!

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I have faith that everything will work out. It must.

Thank you all for all your support! I could not do this without you.