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A Star-Crossed Lovers Series: Book One

A Dark Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance Novel

Dark, seductive, and with mysterious secrets lurking around every corner, begins book one in Tristin Clark’s dark epic sci-fi fantasy series.
Stolen and imprisoned aboard an alien ship, Serena, a human woman with a hidden power, finds herself moments away from death, but as fate would have it, another discovers and claims her life, and soon, her heart too.
The voyage back to Mel’Vargon will be a long one, but until they arrive, Zurhen, the new Emperor and lonely king, takes it upon himself to care for his little one, vowing to do whatever he can, to nurture her back to health and see to all… of her aching needs.
As they soar across the stars, and Serena adapts to her surroundings, an undeniable, cosmic power between them works at drawing them close. With tensions arising aboard ship, and an already fragile and magic-less world on the verge of an uprise, a dark, mysterious presence lurks amongst the shadows, following and clinging to Serena and her inner power, threatening to draw her into his familiar, yet deadly orbit.
A war is brewing. One that in the end, will force all, to choose a side.
***Warning: This book is intended for mature, adult audiences only. A WAR AMONGST THE STARS is a slow-burn romance and contains many dark and triggering elements. This book is the first in the epic series and will end on a cliffhanger. Please consider these warnings before reading. For a full list of trigger warnings, book tropes and additional information, see author website.***
I truly hope you love the cover and book blurb!If you haven’t pre-ordered the ebook on Amazon yet, then you may do so here: Amazon
As of right now, there still is no official release date, but rest assure that as soon as I know, I will let you know here and across social media.
Before I go though, I do want to give you one more last bit of exciting news…
You heard that right! I am currently having an artist create not just a world map, but of the Mel’Var galaxy too. This world I’ve created is so massive, that it definitely is going to need one.
There’s world building and then there’s UNIVERSE building.
Whew! Talk about a lot of deep thinking skills.

That’s it for now though! Take care and stay beautiful!