Me, My Life, and a Progress Update with AWATS

I honestly don’t know where to begin. I’ve been non-stop, working night and day, going on three years straight. My mind is so scattered brained. So, much so, I honestly thought we were still in January. I feel like I’m going mad and possibly losing touch with reality. I mean, my mind is always inside my fictional worlds, sooo? It’s cool though. Aren’t all creatives a little… um eccentric? Yeah, let’s go with that. HAHA! Help? 😥

Okay now on the the good stuff.

First off, I just want to thank all of you who are always there to keep me from losing my shit and becoming the villain I always aspired to be, (some little girls wanted to be princesses, I wanted to be the wicked villainess) Oh, and a special thanks to those who encourage me to keep going and remind me that me and my writing matters. I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!

Some days are bad and I feel like giving up and saying FUCK THE WORLD, but thankfully, it hasn’t gotten to that point. Close, but not yet. Nope. I have never been more determined to make my dream of becoming a successful author come true than I am during this very moment, as I am pounding away at these keys. I’m going to make it. You bet your cute ass I will, you mark my words. I feel it. I feel deeeeep within my bones. Magic exists and I am willing it to happen. Bet!

Any who. We all know I suck at keeping up to date with social media, but hey, I’m a busy author creating worlds, not to mention i’m taking on the roles of like a publishing team of a 100. Yeah, it’s no wonder why I’m losing my mind. Seriously though, help? Please be patient with me. I’m trying my best. 😥

As for A WAR AMONGST THE STARS and its progress. Here’s the low down. You ready?

The book cover is completed and might I say, bad freaking ass. Picture the dark academia vibe. It’s a discreet cover with an object based design. Dark, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Royal, the design nails it all and I am SO in love with how it turned out. Now when will the cover reveal be? This February. Date? TBA.

Update on the writing. Previously, I had written AWATS and that first draft was garbage, so I re-wrote the story which I believe it SOOO much better but I’m not done with it yet. Close but not yet. This baby is HUGE! It’s an epic novel so of course it is but for real though. I could split it into two books, but… naw. I prefer them thick, so that’s why it’s taking so long, because you’re getting like two books for the price of one. You’re welcome. I’m still aiming for a late Spring release and I am pretty confident that I’ll be able to make it happen, so stay tuned for that official announcement!

The AWATS ebook is available to pre-order on Amazon and will be in KU, so if that’s how you prefer to read, then go pre-order it right now! After it’s published, the price will raise. The story will also be made available in paperback and hardcover but you won’t be able to get those copies until publishing day.

Let’s see… What else?

OHHH! I created three lists, a Trigger Warning List, a Book Trope List, and an Important Information Book List. It’s on my website. Just go the the AWATS page and scroll to the bottom.

Another thing. I haven’t “officially,” announced it yet, but my Spicy Bookish Shop is now live! Go check out some of my featured items on my website under the SHOP tab. There’s also a special coupon there just for my readers 😉

I feel like I’m missing out on so much and I probably am, but I just can’t think right now. I’m tired. Check back though, as I’m sure I’ll remember what to add later.

Take care, my pretty stars!

Your dark queen,




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