In case you didn’t notice… I’ve been m.i.a. since my disastrous book release of A War Amongst The Stars.

I had been working two years straight on not just writing the story, but learning photoshop so that I could design the cover, the interior design. I created promo pics and videos. I marketed for a whole year across multiple platforms, all while trying to keep up a social media presence, emails, newsletter, blog, messages, manage multiple groups, send out ARC’s… yeah you get it. I’ve been busy and then to have all that work just trashed when Amazon decided to cancel all my pre-orders which I have yet to gain back… well I fucking lost it. My exhausted mind blanked out and I walked away.

Tbh, I think I’m still exhausted and have yet to recover mentally but I’m trying. I started reading again and picked up painting and that seems to be helping me a little.

Basically, I’ve just been taking each day one at a time until I’m back to a good place mentally.

I had to stop responding to all dm’s and emails. If you tried contacting me, I’m sorry I haven’t responded back yet. You can blame it on my anxiety. I will get back to you eventually though.

I had so many amazing things planned for my book release… I hate that I didn’t get to share it all with you. On the bright side, I do want to try it again with the Barnes and Noble book release of the PB and special HB edition. There’s no release date yet but when the time comes, I’m going to treat it like an official release and make it HUGE!

I get a second chance and I just hope you’ll be there to help me make it the biggest and best release ever.

With that, I have still been working on special things behind the scenes which I will be announcing soonish, so do check back! 😆

Thank you all for everything, especially to those who were there for me when all went to hell. Y’all are the greatest mortals ever.

I’ll be back soon. 🤍


P.S. There’s a link here to check out my Amazon TBR list. I can’t decide which series to start next so take a look and let me know your faves!