A Little Author Re-Introduction…

I thought it was time for a re-introduction. Hi. I’m Tristin Clark and this is my story.

Small town girl born in Texas. A dreamer with her heart and mind set on escaping not just her reality, but into my own imaginative mind. After drowning in an endless loop of the societal bubble we call life, I needed more so I quit my full time job and set off to travel the world. It was through traveling where I had found meaning, where I found me, and for the first time, I finally knew exactly what I was put on this earth to do.I’ve always considered myself a writer.

When I was a child, I would write plays, acting and directing them in hopes of one day pursuing a career out of them all. Flash forward into my senior year in high school, it was writing that I began to pursue and the genre of romance that called to me.

A few years later, I had a nightmare that had shaken me to the core. It was of the apocalypse. Brutal, devastating and gruesome, I awoke, screaming, sweaty and confused, because to me, it felt too real. To me… it felt as if I were there. And so as the nightmares continued, I did what I do best. I escaped into my mind and began writing, combining my darkest of nightmares with a romantic element. You see, there’s something I took away from my end of the world nightmares, and that’s how tragic it would be to die without ever knowing love. And thus I ventured into Dark Romance.

When it comes to my stories, expect EVERY trigger warning. Expect vulgar language, explicit sex scenes, morally grey and evil fucking villains that will win. As I enjoy leaving the element of surprise, you will stumble across demons, aliens, humans, angels, devils, Gods and many other creatures within my stories. Some even in the same book. This is the apocalypse. Love will not come easy. My soulmates will struggle immensely to find, claim and protect the ones they love, before the end of time.

Every single one of my books will be connected. All taking place before, during and after the apocalypse, but I will leave the hunt up to you to find, so pay attention when you read and follow the clues as they just might lead you to the greatest escape and happiest of everlasting endings.

That’s it for now!

Take care and until next time!


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