So, something happened… Yep. TMIM has been officially been banned by Amazon. HOW!? WHY!? Questions I would love to know for myself and for my fellow author friends, but guess what? The only explanation I got was a generic automated response saying, “It goes against community guidelines and will no longer be sold by Amazon.” Like really!? That’s all you’ll tell me!? So, now what… Ohh, where and how will my monster series survive? <— Sarcasm. Oh, don’t you worry, little wolf. This isn’t game over for my monsters. Nope. This is just the beginning. Muhuhahaha! That was my evil laugh. Was it scary? I guess I gotta work on it.

Now until this set back is solved, the original version of the ebook of TMIM will now only be sold by Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes and Noble & Kobo. If you didn’t notice, I said (original version) “Hmmm. What does she mean by that?” you ask. Well… Listen up, because this is what’s happening.

THE MONSTER INSIDE ME has been undergoing a massive re-construction and will be introduced with a slightly different name, new book cover, interior design and content. Yep! TMIM IS GETTING THE ULTIMATE MAKEOVER! You thought it was amazeballs before, well you just wait for this new version. It’s going to blow that pretty mouth of yours right off your beautiful face.

Lot’s of changes are coming, so make sure to follow along for all the updates and many surprises to come, but just to let you know, I’ll always post it here first, so if you’re thirsty for knowledge, then come back here and see what’s new.

P.S. I am currently looking to expand my ARC & Street Team, so if you’d like to apply early, check out the ARC & STREET TEAM PAGE and apply!

That’s it for now, my sexy cupcakes.

Until next time!

Dirty romance author out!

Tristin ❤


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